Thursday, November 20

Timmy's "Free Magics"

Yesterday we were sitting at the kitchen table after cutting open the pumpkins we never carved for halloween, to harvest the seeds and bake them. While rinsing the seeds in the sink, Timmy came up to me holding a blue highlighter with his thumb and pointer finger and said, "I have Free (3) magics!"

I wasn't sure what this sentence meant. Yes, it was properly structured, subject, object, verb, all that grammar stuff; it just didn't make sense.

I began guessing: "Is that highlighter your magic wand?" ( we recently watched Cinderella for the first time, and she pulls the wand out of thin air with her thumb and pointer...)

"Not really."

Hmmm. "Is that marker ( I am completely baffled) um, [pause] magic?"
After hearing "magic" and "marker" in the same fragmented question, it clicks in my brain: Magic Marker!

Finally feeling intelligent again, I ask, "Do you have three magic markers?"

"Yup." He proceeds to pull 2 other markers from the plastic storage container holding my sweaters. (I just picked them up and traded them for all my short sleeves.)

Mystery solved.


Sarah said...

Good job with the deductive guessing! I am seems like moms can always figure it out. :) Those kinds of things happen to me in Primary and I just smile and say, "okay" because I have no idea.

Tom and Shalaun said...

Fun to hear your translation process. Emy's most recent interesting word/phrase is "leg pits." I think she's referring to behind her knee...

Collier Family said...

Where have you been? Time for an update! I miss reading about your cute family!