Thursday, November 20

Timmy's "Free Magics"

Yesterday we were sitting at the kitchen table after cutting open the pumpkins we never carved for halloween, to harvest the seeds and bake them. While rinsing the seeds in the sink, Timmy came up to me holding a blue highlighter with his thumb and pointer finger and said, "I have Free (3) magics!"

I wasn't sure what this sentence meant. Yes, it was properly structured, subject, object, verb, all that grammar stuff; it just didn't make sense.

I began guessing: "Is that highlighter your magic wand?" ( we recently watched Cinderella for the first time, and she pulls the wand out of thin air with her thumb and pointer...)

"Not really."

Hmmm. "Is that marker ( I am completely baffled) um, [pause] magic?"
After hearing "magic" and "marker" in the same fragmented question, it clicks in my brain: Magic Marker!

Finally feeling intelligent again, I ask, "Do you have three magic markers?"

"Yup." He proceeds to pull 2 other markers from the plastic storage container holding my sweaters. (I just picked them up and traded them for all my short sleeves.)

Mystery solved.

Sunday, November 2

What you all have been anxiously awaiting...

Sorry I have been so internet-absent.
Aug 27- My Kitchen. Without a wall.
We don't have grass anymore, but Great Grandma and Grandpa do! Playing in the sprinklers. Aug 25
They also let Timmy pick a "Potato" and eat it sttraight off the plant!
Taken Aug 16, 08 Above, you'll never guess what we gave Shannie for her wedding: No, not diapers, Tupperware! Below, Timmy created this masterpiece as his wedding gift.
Does your kitchen sink look anything like mine? Aug 28

The boys both want to be like dad: Piano players. Here is a pajama duet. Notice the air compressor hose, extention cord, screwdriver, and other construction tools in my living room?
The next set of pics. were all taken on Aug 31. It had rained the previous night. The boys found some puddles... Brad, Melissa, Amy, Tiff, Em & Patrick all came to help move broken-out concrete off the main level floor. As everyone was working in the very cold weather,
Look what happened: inches of hail!!
We quickly took temporary refuge in the house, cold and wet. The puddle grew...We sent everyone home, and followed soon. Tiff and Patrick made us breakfast. Yum!
later that week, we got a U-cart and poured a few footings. Amy and I are cleaning out the cart. The footings were to go under the walls that would cover my kitchen holes:

West wall going up,East side wall. These are the walls that filled in the holes at the beginning of this blog post. The golden hammer award goes to these helpers: left to right: Brad, Alan, Steve, Troy, Parker, Amy, and Rob (behind the wall). THANKS!They aren't the only helpers: Nicole, Sierra, and Emily caim and Spencer company.
We aren't slave drivers, when our helpers come over, we have fun, too.
A little time lapse: Sept 6. WOW! Look at all the walls. This was taken after church one Sunday.
This picture is taken from the southwest corner of the "Great Room" The sheeted wall in the photo is the one the guys were standing a few pics earlier.
This the the area where the Master Bath, bed, closets, and the office/nursery will be.
The room on the left is the dining room. It is taken from the kitchen.
Spencer in his church clothes.
We also celebrated both Troy's and Timmy's birthdays. Troy insisted on no fuss. So, there aren't even pictures of him on his day. But we did make a fuss over Timmy. Here he is opening a few presents
The men in our ward (congregation) organized a service project and planned a volunteer work day where we were able to install most of the floor joists for the upstairs in a single day.
Many thanks to John for spearheading and organizing it, as well as coming to work, also thanks to Howard, Marty, Paul, Stan, and many others. More golden Hammers.
Oh, yeah, I helped. I held one end of the joist in one hand while climbing a ladder with a hammer in the other hand and nails in my pocket. (I need my own tool belt.) Then I hammered the joists into the hangers. It was actually fun. I was sore the next day.
For their size, BCI jfloor joists are surprisingly strong and lightweight.
Taking a short break on Timmy's birthday.
Tim asked me to "pack him a lunchbox" on his birthday, so we did. He found an empty corn dog box, and we filled it with Granola bars, Beef jerky, apples, peanuts, Chex Mix, and Fruit roll-ups. Not our usual lunch, but it was his birthday. This was taken from the second story looking down.
Here is another friend, Brian, who came to help. We are now framing the upstairs walls. The subfloor was finished a few days after we installed the joists.
These are a little out of order. Here are the boys eating that lunch I "packed" for them.
Tim opening presents at our house

We had a special Sunday Dinner to celebrate Timmy's birthday. Here he is opening a gift from Great-Grandma.Here is his face shen he realizes his gift is a 42 piece tool set! Here are some jealous cousins watching as "Uncle Troy" opens the box. Luckily there were enough to go around and Timmy was in a sharing mood.

His favorite gift was a razor scooter. He rides it everywhere. Mom even let him ride it inside the grocery store. (Troy did not approve of riding the scooter in the grocery store, I found out later. Oops!)

He also received a singing birthday card from another set of Great Grandparents. This is a perfect card for a kid who can't read yet. Every time he would open the card, the song, "The eensy weensy spider" played. He opened and shut that card for nearly 30 minutes on the day it arrived in the mail. He never stopped smiling. Spencer and he would dance and even sing along. A few days later, when Tim finally let it out of his sight, Spencer would open it and dance and smile and sing. It was adorable. Nice card choice, Grams!
Back to the house. The boys want so much to help, but it is difficult for us to find helpful tasks for a 1 or 3 year old to perform. So, the boys spend a lot of time stacking and re-stacking scraps of wood.
Sometimes I am surprised at the sizes of some of the wood these boys can carry. They're tough!
Here comes the roof!!
Before the Trusses arrived
Here are 3 generations watching the Power company disconnect and drop the overhead power lines so the crane could come in to set the trusses on the house.
Here's the power guy in his "bucket" taking down the lines.
This is a rare occasion caught on camera: Troy with a moment of spare time. He loves to play his guitar, the broken thumb makes it a bit more difficult. But that is another story...
Here is the back section of the house with the trusses set and the sheeting on. (You can click on all these small pictures to get a close up view.)
Here is the main section of the house before the trusses were put on.
The crew we hired (yes, finally something we didn't do ourselves) put the trusses on up-side down to start, then flipped them over to get them on the top of the walls. It was really cool to watch . Inside the back section, looking up at the new ceiling
To put it all in perspective- that is Spencer standing next to the piles of trusses!
Even as I publish this post, I am still not up-to-date with the house, the entire thing is now sheeted, and has the plastic felt paper stuff nailed on, and the Christmas lights put up. I feel like I am playing a never-ending game of catch -up.

We have our priorities in order.

Blackmail pictures of the boys

A very funny sequence of photos: When the house gets quiet, every mom knows there is trouble brewing... after a few moments of silence I found the boys in the bathroom with my "Girl stuff." They will probably grow up to hate these pictures...
Spencer applying lipstick
The boys after putting on the lipstick. Very nice!

Do I have any lipstick on my teeth?
No, this is not in preparation for Halloween, this is our everyday wear.
Makeup isn't the only thing I keep in my makeup bag. I also have a disposable razor for when we travel. I was absolutely shocked to see that Spencer knew what a razor was for. He never showers with us. Interesting...
Don't we all feel like smiling when we know we look good? Lookin' good Spencer!